KETTLEBELL SHRED: Coming January 8th!

KETTLEBELL SHRED IS COMING to Dragon Gym Martial Arts & Fitness JANUARY 9th with a donations-only workshop on January 8th to kick it off!

Ok, so I don’t want to be the type to just talk about aesthetics and weightloss because I truly do not value these things nearly as much as health and fitness.

But, I was just reflecting last night–while gorging myself on broccoli & cheddar soup, nonetheless–that I feel much less concerned about such indulgences over the holidays because I know exactly how to go about losing the extra pounds I fully intend to gain over the next few weeks.

If you, like me, think you might take advantage of the holiday goodies, I want to let you know that I have a plan for you to lose any extra fluff you pick up (and also the layer of fluff under it that’s been around a little longer…).

Kettlebell workouts are super-efficient for stripping fluff and getting lean. Yes, you’ll get sexy. But you’ll also get fit. Actual fit. The kind that not only looks good but feels good and IS good.

Join me in the new year? Click to register for the workshop!

Dragon Gym, Exton
Sunday, Jan. 8
1:00-3:00 PM
Learn the basics to get started with kettlebells!
Icing on the cake… erm, um, almond butter on the celery?…
All proceeds to The Bridge Academy and Community Center


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