Don’t be a worrier. Be a [love] warrior.

If you happened to have tuned into my FB Live yesterday, THANK YOU! I hope you found it useful and/or amusing.

If you haven’t, perhaps you’d like to take a peak, HERE & below. It’s about 20 minutes long and includes a 4-minute workout. (I’ll save you some time by advising that you skip over the few first awkward moments of me trying to figure out how to set up the camera.)

My friend and meditation savant Anna Dajero did a FB Live “double-header” to kick off registration for our 15-day LOVE WARRIOR Challenge. Anna gave some great info and demonstrations on the powerful Kirtan Kriya meditation she recommends for the Challenge. Then [once I got my camera situated], I discussed self-trust over the holidays and then demonstrated a super-intense, fat-torching workout that you can do anywhere in only 4 minutes. Just fast-forward to minute 18 to see the aftermath.

Basically, the double-header was a teaser for the next 15 days. Meditations to keep you centered and workouts to keep you lean–and totally energized. Both done and dusted, flexibly, in less than 30 minutes per day. PLUS, you’ll get daily support through emails from Anna and me, as well as through the members of our Sweat.Meditate.Love. community.


Let’s do this!

Step 1. Join the Sweat.Meditate.Love. group on Facebook.

Step 2. Watch Anna’s meditation video and my workout video.

Step 3. JOIN US! Register HERE for the challenge. Day #1 kicks off TOMORROW!

Step 4. Check your email and get started. We have a tracker for you to print now, and we’ll get a community spreadsheet up and running as soon as we gather the sign-ups! You’ll receive all you need tidily packaged and delivered to your inbox daily.

Step 5. Enjoy the heck out of all of the wonderful things this season, and head into 2017 prepared to be the best version of yourself!

Note: The cost is $7. Research shows that if members have some sort of “buy-in,” they are more likely to stick to the commitment. It’s not even $0.47/day, but hey, maybe consciously making that investment in yourself with motivate you. I’d say your daily state of mind is worth $0.4666667 and 30 minutes!

Oh, and here’s that video: 
P.S. Here’s the registration link again: 15-Day LOVE WARRIOR Challenge

Have a Happy Monday!

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