As I began drafting my 10-week “Intro to Movement Course,” imagine my astonishment when I realized that the title became somewhat of a misnomer.

My vision was to create a program, sort of an “online course,” to help people build a foundation for fitness.

I wanted to target those who have not worked out in a while–maybe not ever, maybe not since mandatory junior high PE, maybe not since having their third child.

I wanted to target those who might feel intimidated walking into a gym, overwhelmed by the plethora of fitness information out there (and by the task of sorting through the abundance of hibity-tibity and gobbledy-goop), or maybe even embarrassed at the thought of tackling their fat stores.

I wanted to create a safe space.

Where these people could ask questions,

try things out,

& not be expected to already know a darned thing.

Where shame was a distant memory,

replaced by determination and enthusiasm.

Where grit was king.

Where self-disgust was abolished.

I wanted to give step-by-step guidance that would help people get “back in their power,” so to speak. I wanted to reacquaint people with their mental, emotional, and physical fortitude.

I wanted it to be accessible. Because everyone deserves to feel competent and confident as they strive towards a better self.

I wanted to include nutrition, too, because one can’t run well without high-quality fuel.

And so it was born. And renamed.

10-Week Group Coaching for Those Who Could Never Imagine Joining Such a Thing

Fitness Success for the Formerly Disenfranchised <–a suggestion from my first enrollee

Functional Foundations: A 10-Week Group Coaching Program

If you want to build a solid theoretical and practical foundation for lifelong fitness–just the basics–and begin forging a body that will perform well during your workouts and during your day-to-day festivities, won’t you join me?

Here’s what you’ll get:

10-Weeks of Programming, which includes

  • Weekly focuses on mobility, stability, balance, movement patterns, and prescribed practice sessions;
  • Clear, concise written materials, along with video demonstrations;
  • Simple nutrition principles and guidelines to help you implement gradual nutrition improvements;
  • Access to a private Facebook group for peer support and accountability;
  • Private interactive workout logs and private optional video review (in which you can submit your movements for my feedback);
  • Strategies to create your own workouts based on the foundation you have laid.

Sound good? Pre-register below, and we’ll be in touch soon!


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