Gym Tourism

My brother recently described me as a “gym tourist.”

I couldn’t argue.

I’m headed to Pittsburgh for a long weekend, and the thing I’m most excited about–okay fine, Mom, other than the fact that I’ll be traveling with my madre–is working out in new, fun, exciting gyms in another city.

I actually love hotel gyms, too. I love how they require one to be resourceful. I also love how they’re always empty.

But I spend some time preparing for any trip by scoping out the coolest gyms in town. If they have something weird or quirky, I want to try it. (That’s how I ended up experiencing my first and probably last hot yoga class in Minneapolis.) I mean, if I’m going to spend a bit of money on a guest pass, I might as well find the most interesting place to do so. I will never end up at a Planet Fitness or an LA Fitness while travelling. No sir, no way.

…but sometimes I do end up in really awkward aerobics classes…

I guess what I’m really getting at is this: I’ll be in Pittsburgh for a few days, and I want to workout in cool places. Do you know of any? I would love your suggestions.

Also, I am challenging myself to document my visits (&, obviously, my workouts) at least a little and to share them on social media. So there’s that. Now it’s out there.

If you want to be gym-tourist sidekick, keep an eye out.

P.S. Coming up on April 8th, I’ll be hanging around at Dragon Gym while Pat Flynn and Aleks Salkin teach those in attendance everything that matters when it comes to kettlebells. And then we’ll all go out for a beer! I think that’s why they call it “Bells & Beer.” Wanna come? More info and registration is HERE.

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