Nutritional Foundations

Are you new to the concept of eating for health?

Are you sick of trying to sort through all of the nutritional dogma filling online spaces?

Do you have trouble realizing when you are falling prey to pseudoscience backed by the food industry itself?

If any of this sounds like you, I think we could do each other a favor.

Years of research and personal experience–combined with the experiences of colleagues, friends, and clients–have resulted in an uncomfortable amount of information contained inside my noggin. Sometimes it hurts.

[In fact, when I overhear misinformation spewed left and right, my tongue bleeds and my heart rate skyrockets.]

It’s in my best interest to let the information out–to spill it out onto the page, relieve some cranial pressure, and let you glean what you’d like of the contents.

Does this sound appealing to you–digging through my brain spew to increase your understanding of basic nutritional concepts?

I intend to cover macronutrients, micronutrients, caloric partitioning guidelines for improved body composition, various eating “styles & strategies,” and simple tips to make healthier decisions in the kitchen and on-the-go.

Let me know what you think! If you may want to participate in this type of Nutritional Foundations E-Course, would you pop in your info below? (This helps me monitor interest and allows me to contact you if/when I launch the course.) While you’re at it, tell me your most burning questions and/or  your most heinous obstacles when it comes to nutrition. I’ll be in touch soon!


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