One for the books!

Today, I had a client write:

You know, I have to say this is different from anything I’ve ever done. Usually, I start doing a “canned” workout and I either can’t do all of it or if I do, the next day I can’t move. This is so perfectly geared to my fitness level (or lack thereof) that I don’t dread my workouts! You are doing a great job, although I’m not certain how you knew where to start since I wasn’t very forthcoming about my weight and measurements…

 I had almost given up on being able to get back in shape.

In those words, she so perfectly captured what I so desperately aim to achieve.

I should also mention that this client has lost a total of 9 lbs. and 12.5 inches in under 4 weeks.
Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that this woman is a stellar client.
She logs daily, she reflects honestly, she asks questions.
In short, she demonstrates uncompromising diligence.
If you look up “consistency” in the dictionary, her picture is there.
Without a doubt, all of these traits have always been there.
It seems that she was just a tad short on accountability.
[[“Being accountable has made such a difference for me, and you are such an encourager!! I love reading your comments — that pat on the back just helps me want to keep going.”]]
But mostly, she just didn’t have the tools! There was SO MUCH untapped potential!
Cookie-cutter programming might work for some, folks, but it can also be part of a detrimental spiral.
If you are ready to embark on an individualized fitness program, get in touch with me. 

I would LOVE to feature you next!

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