The 5 Basic Human Movements

In the beginning, there was God. And God created Man. And Man moved [generally] in 5 ways.

Then a whole bunch of time passed.

And now Man mostly doesn’t move.

And when he does, it’s mostly poorly.


Let’s take it back to the basics, folks! If you feel as though you spend a whole lot of time not moving and/or moving poorly, what you need is not a workout program. [Yet.]

What you need is a reset.

That’s why I created a 10-Week Coaching Program titled Functional Foundations.

Before you start any type of fitness regimen, it’s crucial that you spend some time getting to know your body and learning proper movement patterns. This is especially the case if you have any intention of working out “on your own”–meaning not in a gym or with a trainer cuing your technique.

This 10-Week Course will

  • provide a thorough introduction to the 5 basic movements through written and video content,
  • recommend specific practice sessions to improve your movement patterns,
  • include opportunities for private review and feedback regarding your form.

And because I want you to be able to make huge life changes to your health, I’ll also throw in simple nutrition guidelines that will to support your goals.

Does anyone know one (or all) of the 5 basic human movements? Don’t cheat! But post your thoughts below ASAP because this week will be full of posts highlighting each of the 5. 🙂

Questions? Comments? Want to pre-register?

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