What is the healthiest Halloween candy?

First, this is a total oxymoron. The best thing you can do is to accept that, by definition, candy will not be “healthy.”

[That doesn’t mean it is completely off-limits. It just means there’s no getting around that it won’t nourish your body well.]

Let’s redefine our question, and I’ll provide my two-cents’ worth in response.

Q: If I’m going to splurge on a Halloween treat this week, which one will do the least amount of damage to my “diet”?

A: Splurge on whichever treat is your favorite. The “healthiest” treat in which for you to indulge is the one that satisfies you the most and does not leave you with any sense of deprivation. Want the peanut butter cup? Eat it! Enjoy it! If you eat the lollipop instead, rationalizing it’s lower calorie content or lack of fat, you’ll likely still be craving the chocolate-y goodness that you craved in the first place.

The healthiest treat for you is the one that doesn’t pull you completely off track. The one that doesn’t send you down the rabbit hole of 299787432 extra calories that still didn’t quite meet your hankering.

The healthiest treat for you is the one of which you can eat a limited amount and not go whole-hog.

The healthiest treat for you might be the most nutrient-deficient, sugar-loaded, fat-laden decadence that leaves you feeling bloated but happy for two hours afterward.

I won’t judge you if you don’t judge me, k?

More Halloween tips forthcoming!

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